Online & Mobile Banking

Find easy ways to manage and move money with our user-friendly technology.
Download our Mobile Banking app. Go about your day. When you need to access your South Carolina Federal Credit Union accounts, you can do it from anywhere.
  • Get up-to-date balances.
  • Review recent transactions.
First thing in the morning - or in the middle of the night. With Online Banking, you can manage money anytime and finish up fast.
  • Pay bills electronically.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
This fast, safe, and free service lets you send cash to friends, family members, and others you trust using Online or Mobile Banking.
  • Send funds directly to accounts.
  • Cash often available in minutes.
All it takes is one quick tap. Link your smartphone to your credit or debit card and glide gracefully through the checkout line.
  • Free app download.
  • Works with most mobile devices.
Three simple digits can have a big impact on your life. This free service is the ideal way to keep tabs on your credit score.
  • Get immediate score updates.
  • Receive special offers.
With a simple phone call, you can handle many financial matters. Our automated banking system is accessible wherever, whenever.
  • Check balances.
  • Make credit card and loan payments.
Sometimes, sending a check is too slow and the fastest way to make a payment or purchase is by sending funds electronically. 
  • Send or receive funds.
  • Fast, secure payments.  
Make informed financial decisions with helpful resources.